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            Welcome to Wuxi Huahao Electric Co.,Ltd Website!
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                Wuxi Huahao Electric apparatus Co.,Ltd is a new-type enterprise which produce and develop type end young person who joins s and able to bear high temperature hindered and fire and insulate the special electric wire. It introduce and have it is world advanced horizontal line cable production lines, shell line machine at full-automatic computers,cut down line machine, sub to pigeonhole machine of answering end, and Accord with American UL, Canadian CSA's products checkout equipment. The products are exported to the areas of Southeast Asia, such as Hong Kong, Singapore,etc., win the favor from consumer deeply.

                 The body ware of company is: 105℃、125℃、150℃ the irradiation is handed in and unites and hinder and fire the polyolefin to insulate the electric wire.Refrigerator, at thread one and motorcycle, automobile,etc. locomotive spend line bunch electrical home appliances air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines,etc.. 125℃、150℃irradiation pay unite polyolefin hinder and fire and insulate electrical machinery guide and electric apparatus installation connecting wire pass U.S.A. UL and CSA of Canada authentication already wiring.

                 The company already passes ISO quality authentication of management system of 9001:2000 in 2002. Take advantage of signing the management method that the domestic and international enterprise succeeds, synthesize the reality of this enterprise, and the domestic and international markets characteristic, has set up a whole set of effectual management systems.Receive a batch of specialities and staff respecting work, optimize each process of products and offer the high quality products to user.

                 "developping and come from the demand" is aim of Huahao, the products are importants factor that is produced and developping. Huahao will satisfy the user with the high quality and low-priced products and good service. The friends from all walks of life of place cooperate through the country to look forward to one too, the grand plan of the exhibition altogether, it is brilliant to move towards!

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            Add:586#,Xitai Road,Abundant industrialized country of the south of plum village of newly developed area,wuxi
            Tel:0510-88159928 Fax:0086-0510-88157758 Web:http://www.theblackpalatetour.com E-mail:sales@wxhuahao.com

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