Why did not I do this before?

Surely because you did not know you could do it, now you know … don’t think twice, tomorrow is today.

Can I go alone?

Absolutely, one of the main guidelines of TBPT is interaction, we love to meet relaxed people, smiling, wanting to meet other people and generate something. Sometimes the unexpected is the most beautiful thing.

How is it paid?

With a credit card through www.evenbrite.com.ar or in the Front Desk of your hotel.

If I do not live in the Federal Capital, can you pick me up?

We can pick you up at a pre-established point and then at the end of the tour we leave you at the place that is most comfortable for you to return to your home or at the same point of departure.

At what times are the tours made?

After confirming the reservation, an email will be sent with the schedule in which we will pick you up. Every tour has 4 stops, the firs stop is approximate at 8pm and the last at 11pm.

Do you carry out other types of tours?

Yes, we carry out private tours on request as well for companies.

Can I take what I want in each bar?

At each stop, two (2) drinks or tasting + finger food are included. Other drinks are paid by each visitor.

Can you smoke on the bus?

No, smoking is not allowed inside the bus, you have available free water on the bus during the whole tour.